Located near the Rocky Mountain Front.

Located near the Rocky Mountain Front.

Montana Dream Fishing Outfitters LLC is dedicated to making each angler's experience a memory that lasts a lifetime. We are located on one of the world's greatest trout fisheries and will tailor each client's trip to their desires. Whether it's getting young people into their first trout on a fly or it's the more technically advanced angler wanting the challenge of matching the Missouri's insane hatches, our experienced guides can do it all.

We're not gear-heads--we just love to fly fish and we love the outdoors. We are local guides that know the Missouri River better than anyone. There are thirty-five miles of blue-ribbon trout water boasting some of the highest fish counts and largest average fish in the Lower Forty-Eight. We know where they are and we know how to get them and like you, we don't like crowds.

With our offices in Helena, MT, we are only 35 minutes from the epicenter of Montana's greatest fly fishing destinations; Craig, MT. Because we are centrally located we can take advantage of the many walk and wade fishing opportunities to some of Montana's little hidden gems. Daily flights to and from Helena are available and guests can get all their needs met for lodging and food either in Helena or Wolf Creek and Craig.

My Story

I'm  Russ Dobrzynski, the founder and principle outfitter for Montana Dream Fishing Outfitters LLC. I moved to Montana in 2001 to work with adjudicated teenagers in a backcountry rehab program. It was then that I caught my first trout on a fly-rod and absolutely fell in love with the sport.

Growing up in Minnesota, I always enjoyed the outdoors. I was fishing by the time I was three and hunted as soon as I could hold a shotgun. I fell out of fishing for a while with college and moving around and quite honestly, just being a little bored with spin fishing. That first tug from a Missouri River brown on a streamer however, absolutely changed my life.

I spent the next few years exploring new water, learning a discipline I have become obsessed with. The objective always included catching fish but it was also the experience of being in the mountains, fishing in solitude, figuring out where fish live and learning about their habits and what they eat. That's what was so different about it for me and what drew me in. I learned quickly that you never finish learning and perfection might not ever be obtained but through the process one can expect a fair amount of adventure, some challenges, and a ton of unexpected rewards.

I bought my first drift boat in 2006 and spent every day I could on the water figuring out the Missouri. In 2007, I took my first guide trip. Since then I've taken thousands of clients fishing on the Missouri, Blackfoot, Dearborn, Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone rivers. I facetiously tell people I retired at the age of 37 and decided to fish the rest of my life away but it is true; it doesn't feel like work most days--I've been having a blast and I'll never look back.

I enjoy teaching people. I also enjoy having fun sharing with people what Montana has to offer and ultimately, that's what someone should expect when fishing with Montana Dream Fishing Outfitters LLC. It's the stories, the successes and failures, it's the learning about your prey and their surroundings and also learning about one's self in the process. As a guide, I pride myself in being the vehicle for all of these elements of fly fishing. As an outfitter, I promote these same principles to those I mentor.

Keep 'em where they live...


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